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Interview with Dr. Richard Schaub

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Dr. Schaub. I’m finding myself moving increasingly more in the direction of transpersonal work through meditation. Before I add some additonal comments on the subject let’s listen to couple of Van Morrison songs about experience that is beyond our rational knowing. Here’s Van Morrison and “Into the Mystic” and “Enlightenment.

Immediately upon hearing these songs I felt a sense of deep relaxation. That’s what music can do (much better than Klonopin or Xanax). Meditation is also better than medication and in an earlier post “mindfulness and the stories we tell ourselves,” (you can find it in the archived lists of blogposts) I gave an outline of how you can practice mindfulness meditation. Dr. Schaub’s technique of “say your name and let go” is a short and powerful way to calm yourself when you are under stress or distress ( about to make a presentation, you are dealing with illness–your own or someone close to you, a conflict you are having with a spouse, friend, or business associate, etc.) Let me present it again with my own contribution to it.

On the inhale say “your name (Dr. Ike).”

On the exhale say “Let go.”

Dr. Ike

Let Go

Okay that’s this weeks topic: Transpersonal with Dr. Richard Schaub. Let us at PNRR hear your impressions, experiences, questions, and music on the topic. Our next musical set continues along with the topic of the Tanspersonal covered by great musical artists. Here’s “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, “Drawn to the Rhythm” by Sarah McLaclan, and George Harrison’s “The Rising Sun.”(incredible song with beautiful words from his final album — he knew his time with us was short.)

BTW, Robert Plant was honored recently at the Kennedy Center. Heart played Stairway to Heaven in tribute. Click on the link. A great performance.

 “Stairway to Heaven”– Led Zeppelin

“Drawn to the Rhythm,” — Sarah McLaclan

“The Rising Sun”–George Harrison

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