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“Carry Me on My Way” James Taylor

I was planning to do a show on internal wisdom. Then the news came that Robin Williams died. I was shocked as were most people who’d watched this incredible talent perform and who made us both laugh and cry. This morning on a news program, a Navy admiral recounted a meeting with Robin after a USO show, a meeting in which the admiral asked Robin what advice he’d give to his son about pursuing a career. Robin said, “Follow you heart because sometimes your mind is wrong.” For me, the essence of this statement is that  wisdom resides in the body, in our feelings, spirit, psyche and sometimes in places too difficult to name. When we tap into personal wisdom life takes on a completely different dimension and direction. Robin Williams, artist extraordinaire, knew how to tap into that source. If you watched just one of his performances–improvising in ways that made you think he was receiving messages from god or alien beings–you know what I mean.

Robin Williams’ death was a suicide. Genius doesn’t provide immunity from mental illness. Oftentimes the mental illness fuels the talent. Robin was manic on stage. Synapses must have fired at the speed of a super computer. But Robin, a vulnerable human and not  a computer, must have depleted whatever strength and serotonin his body was capable of producing. He sought out replenishment in alcohol and drugs, a deadly cocktail of self-medication. This became the tragedy to his gift, the dark side to the light he gave to us all.

RIP Robin Williams.

Please dear readers if you would like to have your say about the way Robin Williams touched your life, about internal wisdom, depression, alcohol and drugs, or anything else mentioned in my post please do so. Also, add the music you think is appropriate for the topic.


“The Last Carnival” Bruce Springsteen


“Tears of a Clown” Marc Cohn

“Tryin’ to Get to Heaven” Bob Dylan

And a clip from Mork and Mindy

Episod 1: Mork and Mindy starring Robin Williams

Addendum: Tributes to Robin from James Taylor and others

Tributes to Robin Williams


6 thoughts on “RIP Robin Williams–“Follow your heart because sometimes your mind is wrong”

  1. Dear Dr. Ike,

    One of my favorite roles Robin Williams ever took on was that of Patch Adams, MD. Patch Adams started medical school later than most and shook up the establishment, at that time, by considering the patient’s feelings then looking at their disease to come up with a treatment plan. He falls in love in the flick with another doctor and they set up a clinic together. After she is murdered by a mentally ill patient, we see Patch contemplating suicide. As he teeters at the edge of a cliff a beautiful butterfly crosses in front of his face. He pays it no attention, all the while teetering, until it lands on his chest. He snaps out of his contemplation and you can tell he is thinking it is her soul coming to tell him to choose life so that he may continue to help others to live. He does just that.

    In real life, I considered Robin Williams to be a doctor, too. His medicine of comedy and deep understanding of the human condition helped me to get through some very dark times also. Throughout my life I have found music and comedy have helped me get “through the rain.” (BTW love Barry Manilow singing “Through the Rain.”) I wish “Dr. Williams” could have saved himself or that magically a beautiful butterfly could have landed on his shirt as he teetered on the razor’s edge.

    Like Melody, I want to thank you for giving us a place to communally mourn the loss of Robin. Burns (Both G’s) Bruce, Winters, Diller, Pryor, Carlin and now Robin. I am pleased that I live in the age of You Tube and can seek their cures any hour of every day.

    Jennie, Riverside, Maryland

  2. Doc Ike, did you see Robin Williams in “Awakenings?” Not at all a funny picture. I usually as not moved to tears in public, but when I saw this in the movie theater, I wept and was not ashamed. Robin must have put his very soul into that performance to get to me the way he did. Guess I’ll be hitting up YouTube to watch some of his material after I finish this post. Seriously sad, sad.

    Jack L.

  3. I have still not processed Robin Williams passing. He was the only performer that made me laugh out loud…most of the time to tears. Especially when he was left to pure improvisation during interviews. I remember seeing him on a late night talk show and the cameras couldn’t contain him on the stage as he ran through the rafters. He gave us so much, he was one of those people who were part of creating the backdrop of of our culture. However, two of my favorite movies of all time were not those of laughter: What Dreams May Come and Dead Poets Society. Thank you for taking this week to honor him and his gifts.

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