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Chuck Prophet — our artist of the month– sings “Let Freedom Ring”

The prompt asks me “what’s on your mind?” Well, this morning I woke up as I have on countless mornings since the recent Iraq crises thinking what a waste our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has been and still is. Just last night on PBS News Hour, they ended the program with the list of soldiers who most recently died in Afghanistan. I felt sad and angry. I thought we were done with this gruesome and painful ending to the nightly broadcast. The fact is we are not and endless war seems to be the policy despite what our president has promised and despite what the American people want. We are being lured back into the struggle in Iraq and have yet to leave Kabul and Kandahar and Khost and the rest of those god-forsaken areas where American boys are stationed and are dying. As Jackson Browne sings, “I’m a patriot and I love my country…” but I believe my country, your country, our country is being led to a catastrophe. We spend trillions on the wars, we have a national debt spiraling out of control, we have a huge imbalance between rich and poor, we have young people spending ridiculous sums of money for their education that they may never be able to repay, and we have baby boomers unable to retire and the elderly not able to make ends meet.This morning this was the headline:GDP Disaster. Our economy is getting worse, not better as the politicians are telling us and yet we spend trillions on war while our young men are dying. I know this rant might seem somewhat out of the box for this site. We have discussed all manner of psychological, emotional, relationship, health, and spiritual topics in the fourteen months we’ve been on the air.  But issues of war and peace, of a healthy economy, of an education system that works, and of concerns for our elders have psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relationship implications. I entitled today’s show “Patriot’s Traumatic Stress Disorder.” As a patriot I love our country for its people, freedom, creativity, and its land. I feel the stress of  trauma that comes from the awareness of what is going on, and I believe endless war, a failing economy, and the growing gap between the rich and poor is a disorder, one transferred to us all with its related suffering. Let Dr. Ike know how you think and feel about What’s Going On. Are you suffering from Patriot’s Traumatic Stress Disorder. Do you have a personal story about the events in the news, a child, spouse, parent who is directly affected by the war, economy, or other governmental mishaps. There are plenty of songs on the topic so let’s hear your favorites. Here’s the musical set for today’s topic, “Patriot’s Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

Neil Young, “Living With War” “I Am A Patriot” Jackson Browne

“Wartime Prayers” Paul Simon

18 thoughts on “Patriot’s Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  1. Over 25000 visits to PNRR!!! in 14 months. A good start. Please tell your friends. Forward an email with the url to at least two people and ask them to do the same.


    Dr. Ike

  2. Dear Dr. Ike and followers of this site, I feel the same way as everyone else who has posted here to this point. I feel most American’s share our beliefs. I must be wrong, however, because it seems we keep allowing these involvements to continue. Maybe there is some evil profit motivating other Americans that is so powerful that to this point in time none of us have been able to stop this insanity. Is money really worth more than human lives? How many of those profiting have either fought in a war themselves or encouraged their young to sign up for active duty? I think every soldier who comes home in a casket should be met at the airport by the press. If the local papers were full each night of these images, maybe there would be some sort of change in the way people vote. I don’t know what it would take to move Congress, really, but we need to try something. P.S. Wouldn’t it be better if our resources were used to further education and improve the infrastructure? Why has education become a bad word?

  3. Don’t misunderstand – I am grateful to be a US Citizen and I understand that some wars are unavoidable, but we seem to be diving into them more than we ought. With each deployment of troops I feel more and more anxiety. When is the next time we will be attacked? I worry about another 9/11 and wake frequently from nightmares about it. As distressed as I am, I can only imagine the anxiety innocent families feel in other countries on whose turf these wars, conflicts or whatever the spin says they should be called feel. How do they sleep at night? What do they say to their children to make them feel secure? The stress and worry must be unbearable at times.

    1. …or the Kingston Trio’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” An arresting classic of folk music if ever there was one…

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  4. Dear Dr. Ike, As we approach July 4th I feel sicker and sicker. So many poor men and women look to our military for a chance to have a decent education. They are willing to put their lives on the line for their country. Some of the military messes we get involved in really have nothing to do with protecting our country or the lives of the downtrodden of the world – just fattening the wallets of the military vendors. I don’t watch much television, but when I do I feel actual pain in my gut. Last night Chris Matthews closed his show by asking the questions I would ask before the decision to go back Iraq is made. (You can go watch it: http://www.msnbc/hardball then choose recent videos and skip over to “Let Me Finnish” :Matthews opinion on the policies that led to war 6/24/14 on MSNBC Chris Matthews Hardball 6/24/14. My grandson just had his 18th birthday and I am scared.

  5. @ Spivey – Well stated! My grandmother told me that in grade school, in her day, basic rules for handling the American flag were taught. These rules were received as almost sacred instruction. If there was a requirement that the flag be brought indoors when it rains how could using our flag as a towel listed as acceptable? Sadly, these rules were not passed down to me in school. Wonder why they stopped teaching this?

  6. One thing that disgusts me beyond description is the spectacle of athletes and others wrapping themselves in the flag as they take their victory lap or exult in whatever it is they are celebrating. An utterly DISGUSTING spectacle. I found myself watching the Olympics and hoping that Team USA would win a heartbreaking but hard-fought silver medal so I wouldn’t have to endure that blasphemy. I kid you not–that kind of outrage is a big old loogie in the faces of the patriots who shed blood for this country, wherever and whenever and under whatever circumstance. Indecent and lewd to put it plainly. Do that and you will incur Spivey’s considerable and eternal contempt. The flag stands for many things — it is an emblem and a sacred one –but a towel or article of clothing it definitely is NOT. Join me in shunning and shaming these apostates.

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