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The Same Old Sun  Alan Parsons Project

Summer Time  Janis Joplin

Oldies but Goodies The Romans

Summer Days Bob Dylan


August is here and that means the last gasp of summer is in front of us. I hope yours has been a good one, taking time (see last weeks post), recharging batteries both physical and emotional, and soon preparing for fall and winter–work, holidays, family time, and — if you are in the more northern climes– oh no, snow and cold temperatures. Sorry to bring the last item up, it still is summer and there’s still plenty of time to be present and enjoy the warmth, the outdoors, and whatever else you do. I remember as a kid summer was a time of listening to radio and the radio would play “those oldies but goodies.” So instead of working on a new topic I thought I’d dig into Psych ‘n’ Roll Radio’s archives and post one of our own oldie but goodies. The topic was “Summer Memories, Summer Emotions” and though it was posted before the summer of last year, the sentiments expressed are still true even in the first week of August.

Here is “Summer memories, Summer Emotions.”

Though the solstice is still some 23 days away, many call the Memorial Day weekend the beginning of the lazy, hazy days or the time when the “living is easy,” according to George Gershwin. Summer has a lot going for it that’s for sure. I’ll list some of my favorite things about the balmiest time of the year: The warmth (sometimes that’s just enough especially in the more northern climes), wearing shorts and short sleave shirts, exercising and participating in sports outside, the beach, outdoor concerts, trips to the countryside, eating at outdoor restaurants and cafe’s, barbeques, end of school, long vacations, and of course music, summer music that makes you remember younger days, times with friends, falling in love, and unfortunately the antithesis, falling out of love and breaking up. I can go on about happy or even bittersweet memories, but as summer comes so too, for many of us, does the recall of things that are not so happy. (Did you know there is a summer seasonal affective disorder? See the NYTimes link) So everything may not be rosy for everyone during the hot season. Perhaps you, a friend, or a family member feel an uncomfortable edge when it comes to summer. Sad, happy, or in-between, let us know about it. If you’d like to chime in about what summer means to you, memories and emotions you have when you see the trees swinging in the summer breeze, please do so. If you have questions about issues you’d like Dr. Ike to address feel free to leave a message. We look forward to hearing from you. Our musical set includes songs you may have listened to during summer as well as songs specifically about the days between the end and start of the school years. We start off with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s followed by “A Summer Song,” by Chad and Jeremy, then Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun.” If you have a favorite summer song let us know about it and perhaps you can tell us a personal story that is its companion.


Bohemian Rhapsody Queen

Summer Song Chad and Jeremy

Soak Up the Sun Sheryl Crow

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