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Before I discuss my interview with Dr. Judy Rabinor I want to make a statement followed by an announcement and followed by some winter guidance. First, thanks to all who came out for my book signing at Book Revue. It was a huge success and the proceedings were video recorded so in time we will place it on You Tube and on this site. Second, we are having a Kindle sale on Beginning this Friday “Final Shot” will sell for .99 cents, but every two days after the price will rise one dollar. So if you’re curious, have read or heard great reviews, and are into mystery, suspense, and thrills this is your chance to get “FINAL SHOT” and place it on your ebook device. FINAL SHOT is a wonderful read for those winter shut-in days. It’s also great to take with you on vacation for the plane, beach, or whenever else you have down time.  “FINAL SHOT” .99 cents beginning Friday Feb 7th.

Speaking of winter. This has been a tough one and I’m afraid it’s far from over (our little groundhog agrees and my Siberian Forest cats predicted a tough one with fur growth that made them look like porcupines). So don’t confuse SAD with depression. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Think of down time at home as an opportunity to get things done that you may have put off when you were more active outside. Think of yourself as a