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The great relationship wiseman, Woody Allen, once said “A relationship is like a shark. It has to keep moving or it dies.” (See the first post in our musical set for a youtube scene from Annie Hall). Move, moving, MOVEMENT. That’s the topic. If you think about it, without movement everything gets sick and dies. As Woody points out a relationship must go forward or it dies, it can’t stay stuck on negative feelings, resentments, game playing, and unconscious negative patterns. Without movement our bodies get fat, flacid, and lose vitality. Without movement we don’t learn, grow, and change.  The Gestalt interactive cycle I described in the last post on “Letting Go” describes movement, it is, as a concept, all about movement. That is, to feel complete, satisfied, vital, whole we must travel through different points of the cycle, through resolution and finally withdrawal for something new to emerge. Awareness alone is a start, but never enough by itself. We must become mobilized, provide energy and action to what we notice or we remain stuck — the deadly antithesis to movement — and like Woody’s shark we die. Death may be of the spirit, of our joy, of our motivation, of our love, of our bodies, and finally of our being.

So, Let’s get moving!!

Tell us the different ways you move in any aspect of your life.  If movement is stuck, like logs clogging a stream, tells us about it and ask for some coaching. We’re here to hear your mind, body, and soul talk to us. And we’re here to help.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about movement. So be free to suggest any song that get’s you to move.

 “A relationship is like a shark” — Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

“Joy”– Lucinda Williams

“Jump” — Van Halen

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