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Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July holiday. The 4th has great meaning to me. My second son was born on the 4th. What meaning does the 4th have for you? More specifically what does independence mean to you? Because I’m back from a nice vacation and I have responsibilites to work on final preparations for my novel “Final Shot”I’m going to leave the topic of “Independence” to you my loyal readers and participants. Write anything you want about the subject. Post links to articles. Ask questions. Send in poetry. Any form. Free form.

Though I won’t write the opening for the topic I will post music and provide replies to whatever you choose to write or provide.

We kick of the musical set for the topic with John Williams’ “Theme for Born on the Fourth of July.”

*** A word to participants: If after you play the music in the musical set and are unable to back arrow into the Psychnrollradio website please put PNRR in your Bookmarks or copy the link into your browser and return to the site. We are having some technical difficulties with this and are working to fix it. ***

 “Theme from Born on the 4th of July” — John Williams

“Looking for America” — Simon and Garfunkel

“If you Love somebody set them free” — Sting

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