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I need to get a lot together before going on an end of summer vacation. So let’s go through another round of Free Form (Through Sept 9). In “Free Form” you can post anything you’d like: a problem or issue, an observation about your life and the lives of others, Something political, something personal or family related, a question for me (advice and coaching on the website are free so here’s your chance to get some help and not have to pay those hefty shrink fees or use your insurance (BTW my advice is not to substitute what we do on the site for psychotherapy, so if you think your problem is too big for our question and answer session I have listed a number of resources on the website you can contact). Of course, music is important here so if you have songs or sounds that touch you, have helped you get through a tough time, or just bring joy to your life please let me know and I’ll play them for you.

I’m going to preview two songs. One is a parody of “Roll Over Beethoven.” It’s called “Roll Over Siggie Freud and Tell Dr. Ike the News” and it may become the website’s theme song. The other is a song I wrote with Scott Barber and is called “Love and Vengeance.”  The lyrics appear in my novel “Final Shot.” Check it out below in the musical set section.

I’ve added “Rollover Beethoven” by ELO as a contrast.

 “Roll Over Siggie Freud and Tell Dr. Ike the News” –I. Kalina and S. Barber

“Love and Vengeance” — I. Kalina and S. Barber

“Rollover Beethoven” — ELO

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