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Gravity, the Tether, and Object Relations: Interview with Peter Pitzele


Key Words: Gravity, the tether, object relations, marriage.

I want to thank Peter Pitzele for being my guest on the Psych ‘n’ Roll podcast. Peter’s views of the movie “Gravity” and his “ramble” about “Gravity” and the tether can be accessed on his website here.

At the time Peter wrote his blog piece I’d been thinking of the tether in relationship to a couple I was working with.

Here is a poem I wrote that summarizes my feelings, images, and impressions about the tether and marriage that came to me that morning:

“Object Relations”

It was like a bolt drifting toward me in 3D Gravity

I reached to catch it

But my grasp came up empty

Air and skin

losing balance from the illusion.

You two sat in front of me

Tethered by your pain, shouts, judgement

and disdain.

Should you cut the tie

Or forever remain adrift in the airless space

Time was running short.

Think of the tether that Peter Pitzele spoke about. What kind of tether exists in your world? Is it a life-line or might it be a rope that strangles or imprisons? In a more practical sense is it a good tether or a bad one? Is it a job? A marriage? A friendship? A family tie? Or is it something else? Can you do without it or without it would you feel like you were adrift? Join the discussion of “Gravity and the Tether,” and of the Tether and your relaionships. As always let us hear your narratives, your concerns, your questions, and send us your music.

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Let’s start of our musical set with songs about space and space travel. Below we begin with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” followed by “Rocket Man” by Elton John, and

Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien.” Enjoy!!

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