Have you examined your wild side? Do you know it? Do you have an intimate relationship with it or is it some distant trace of feeling that you let out once in a blue moon? Or are you predominately wild? Because of your wildness — you hurt others and yourself — do you need a dose of civilization?

What I am interested here is how you express joy and excitement.  Feelings are a part of it. In therapy especially couples work I see partners afraid to get close, inhibited in their emotions, and sexuality. In some cases too inhibited to speak the truth of their experience. Sometimes I witness the opposite. A disinhibited partner who’ll say whatever they feel and call it honesty. Getting the balance is difficult. But before getting a balance, inhibited souls need to find their wild side and provide it with permisission to exist.

Let’s get specific. Here’s a brief list of wild side behaviors: Emotions –sadness, grief, fear, anger, hurt, joy, love.  Action — singing, running, jumping, dancing, exercising, traveling, hugging, kissing, touching, lovemaking, adventure, risk-taking like mountain climbing, skydiving, marathon running, owning your sexuality, race car driving, fill in the blank_______. Thoughts — fantasy, creativity, imagination, visualization, planning, self-dialoguing and meditating.

On the other side of the ledger perhaps your wildness gets you into difficulty. Emotions — saying whatever you feel without thought of the impact on others. Behavior — drinking and driving, indescriminate sex and unprotected sex, drug use, fast and reckless driving of cars and cycles especially in traffic, making and taking dares, acting badly and telling others “I’ve got to be me. Instigating fights and conflict.”

What is the basis for closeting your wild side? Is it a childhood experience, A trauma? A punishing parent? An inhibiting school or religious experience?

What is the basis for you all-out freedom? A rebelliousness not satisfied? Anger against the world, parents, a lover? A lack of boundaries from poor parenting or mentoring?                 So that’s it. Let’s hear what kind of relationship you have with your wild side. Tell us your stories, ask your questions, and send us your sounds.

Here’s “Blue Moon,” by The Marcels, “Hold On” by Jackson Browne. “Taking a Chance on Love,” Dorothy Dandridge

 “Blue Moon” — The Marcels

“Hold On”– Jackson Browne

“Taking A Chance On Love”– Dorothy Dandridge

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