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Pretty As You Feel with Master Trainer Caesar Calderon

Just visited with my naturopathic doctor who has treated me for prostate concerns the last couple of years. When I started with him he told me I had to change my diet to lower inflammation in my body, exercise (not just walking but moderate to strenuous exercise for at least a half hour, four times a week) to lower my body fat and increase muscle mass and to take certain supplements he recommended. Today’s exam indicated that I’d lost one inch from my waist, my weight had gone under 200 lbs for the first time in years, my muscle mass increased 6% while my fat decreased 4%. In other words, I am becoming more fit and healthy and this affects my mental state and sense of well being that Caesar Calderon spoke about in the podcast interview. The truth for me is that “you are as pretty as you feel” and feeling well not only can be aided through psychotherapy, meditation, diet, but also physical exercise, movement of all kind, especially moderate to strenuous movement.

Some of you may not be able to start with exercise that is so challenging. That’s okay. Remember the saying, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Take that step. Let us know here at PNRR what you are doing and how you’d like to improve your physical health. Remember, one of the things we emphasize on this site is the”mind-body-soul” connection. When your body feels well your mind and spirit are likely more open to psychological and spiritual changes. Just as psychological well being feeds the physical.

As we do each week tell us your stories, suggest your music, ask your questions.

One note: I’m going through the last proof of my novel, “Final Shot.” The process has been slow but it’s been slow because we want to get everything right. It looks like publication should occur sometime around Thanksgiving. Just in time for the holiday season.

Music about exercise and movement is next: Songs by the Dovells, James Taylor, and Olivia Newton-John. So let’s hear your body talk, and even more importantly what you have to say.

 “You Can’t Sit Down”–Dovells

“Walking Man” — James Taylor

“Physical” –Olivia Newton-John

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