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Key Words: Money, debt, psychological meaning of money, double messages, gambling, shopping, and consuming, spending, hoarding, psychological, emotional, and spiritual sides of money, belief systems.

There are many ways to discuss the topic of money, and there are a plethora of songs on the topic (we’ll get to those later). Our focus at Psych ‘n’ Roll Radio today is the psychological, emotional, and spiritual sides of money. The psychological relates to belief systems from life experiences and behaviors attached to those beliefs; the emotional are feelings we carry about money e.g. does money or the pursuit of it make us happy, sad, stressed, angry, guilty, envious, or fearful; and the spiritual is about how money is used to help friends, family, and community — the generosity of spirit as well as generosity that comes out of the pocketbook.

To meet our basic needs — food, clothing, shelter — we need money. Beyond our basic needs money is sometimes associated with personal identity, self-worth, and power. Because our society values “successful” people defined as those who make a lot of money and who have many material items it is often a source of great emotional conflict generating jealousy, stress, and in the extreme cases, crime — both white collar and violent crime.

In my family, I endured double messages about money. We were supposed to “save for a rainy day” but my father often spent extravagantly, buying things for himself that were of no benefit to the family and putting pressure on the family’s finances.

Gambling, shopping, and consuming more than we need are abuses of money. They can create problems of indebtedness that can become a lifetime prison. The US is one of the most indebted nations in the world and not only are its citizens saddled with debt but so are federal, state and local governments. These are debts that may never be repaid. Why we go into debt is not only a practical issue, but an emotional, psychological, and spiritual one. Many feel they must have whatever material things they want in order to feel whole, accomplished, admired, powerful, and attractive. Even if the actual bank account in question is inadequate for what they want to buy. If those of us who spend too much or misallocate our family’s finances, or on the other hand are too tight with spending, hoarding rather than allocating funds sensibly, or are unwilling to share wealth with those who may need it, then “there is a problem Houston,” one that requires a good, long look into our psychological makeup.

So money is the topic. We ask you to join the conversation by sharing your own stories about money, and by asking questions about personal or relationship conflicts. As always, we will play the music you request. We’ll start off our musical set with a list of some of the best songs about topic. Click on the titles to listen.

“Money,” Pink Floyd; “Can’t Buy Me Love,” The Beatles, “Can’t Always Get What You Want,” The Rolling Stones; “Mercedes Benz,” Janis Joplin; “Money For Nothing,” Dire Straights. And if you’d like to listen to more recent musical forays into the topic, click on the songs that are part of our traditional triple musical set below.

 “Bills. Bills, Bills,”– Destiny’s Child

“Money Ain’t A Thang,” Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z

“C.R.E.A.M,” –Wu Tang Clan

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