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Much of what happens in psychotherapy is about loss. Clients often talk about loss of relationships, loss of trust, lost of respect, and the most painful of losses, the death of a loved one.

Many popular songs are about loss. In the movie “The Sapphires” four aboriginal women form a singing group and go to Vietnam to entertain the troops. Loss is a theme throughout the film. In an early scene, their manager-to-be advises the women to drop their country-western persona and become soul singers. He argues that country is about loss that travels a downward emotional spiral. Soul, on the other hand, is about loss that offers hope through its lyrics, rhythm and beat.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is also about loss. Early rock expressed, “I lost my baby, dom, doobie, do, wah,” sentiments.” But as rock progressed as an art form the topic of loss began to be treated with empathy and sensitivity as singer-songwriters like Paul Simon and Jackson Browne created poetic and touching lyrics to go along with beautiful melodies and moving rhythms that have taken the genre far beyond teen-age angst.

So join our discussion about loss. Do you have a question or comment on the topic? Do you want advice, feedback, or coaching on how to handle a loss of your own? Do you have music on the topic you would like us to play?

A final comment: The events at the Boston Marathon have touched all of us. We at psych ‘n’ roll radio dedicate this blog to the victims of the bombing, to their families and friends, and to the citizens of Boston. We are all citizens of your great city now. Your loss is ours too and we mourn with you,

We open our musical set with Paul Simon’s “Darling Lorraine,” Lucinda Williams, “I Lost It,” and Jackson Browne’s, “Fountain of Sorrow.”

 “Darling Lorraine” –Paul Simon

“I Lost it,”– Lucinda Williams

“Fountain of Sorrow.”– Jackson Browne

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