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PNRR Theme Song– “Rollover Siggie Freud Gonna Tell Dr. Ike The News.”

“I Want to Tell You”

Key words: Talk, communication, intimacy, emotional blocks, resolution, marriage, relationships, CoupleWorks.

Talk. The bridge to intimacy. You have things on your mind that you need to share. When you keep it inside pressure builds, emotions are stuck, isolation is felt, relationships become distant. When you finally speak, let go of what you are feeling — in your best way possible — there’s often a sense of relief, a clearing of the air, a resolution to long-held feelings even pain. After a conversation with a partner, lover, friend, a conversation in which both parties want to establish a good connection and resolution, there is a sense of closeness and trust that develops.

More likely than not the experience I talked about in the podcast is more typical. A person may feel freightened, ashamed, too angry, too hurt to show emotions or to raise a difficult topic. Like an arterial blockage, if it is allowed to go on too long it can be a killer — a killer of a relationship, a killer of intimacy, a killer of comfort an ease within a marriage, friendship or other close connection.

Do you have difficulty talking to someone who matters to you?

Do you want to know how to work through the blocks you may feel about talking to someone?

Do you try to tell someone how you feel but they won’t engage?

Tell us your experiences and ask your questions. Dr. Ike’s practice specialty is couples therapy and communication techniques so if you want help for communicating in your relationship feel free to ask on the site or if you and a partner want more ongoing and personalized help call CoupleWorks, the number is listed in the coaching and consultation section of the website.

Here’s the little verse a participant sent me:

Tell me how you feel

Tell me what is real

Hold a mirror to my pain

Then let’s switch and do it again.

Here’s the musical set. I’m going to repeat “I Want to Tell You,” by the Beatles, “When You Go Quiet,” by James Maddock ( a must listen), and for those of you who’d like to communicate through the written word here’s Belle and Sebastian, “Write about Love.”


“When You Go Quiet”– James Maddock

“Write About Love” — Belle and Sebastian

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