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Going to take this week off. But beginning next week Psych ‘n’ Roll Radio and your faithful servant Dr. Ike will be available to talk with you about the onrushing holiday season, its meaning to you, the stresses and strains you experience with family, shopping, obligations, memories and traumas of holidays past.


A Reminder: Purchases of “Final Shot: A Psych ‘n’ Roll Mystery,” helps support the site and also makes a great holiday gift.
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A list of Thanksgiving songs follow (please suggest your own to add to these):
“The Surfin’ Bird/ The Bird is the Word” by the Trashmen  starts our musical set, it’s followed by “Thanksgiving Song,” Mary Chapin Carpenter, and The South Park version of “The Dreidel song.”
 “The Surfin’ Bird/ The Bird is the Word”– The Trashmen
“Thanksgiving Song” — Mary Chapin Carpenter
“The Dreidel Song” — South Park Version

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