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Hi all. Sorry to say, but this week I’m so swamped with work from my practice that I’ve decided that this is a good time to plug in “Free Form” for our discussion (next week my blog will be called “The Fix” and will deal with the compulsion for many of us to try to fix others, especially our significant ones). In “Free Form” you can post anything that you’d like: a problem or issue, an observation about your life and the lives of others, Something political, something personal or family related, a question for me (advice and coaching on the website are free so here’s your chance to get some help and not have to pay those hefty shrink fees or use your insurance (BTW my advice is really not substitution for psychotherapy, so if you think your problem is too big for our question and answer session I have listed a number of resources on the website that you may contact). Of course music is important here so if you have songs or sounds that touch you, have helped you get through a tough time, or just bring joy to your life please let me know and I’ll play it for you.  Let’s start off our first musical set with Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.” that’s followed by Richie Haven’s “Freedom.” You must watch and listen to this great performer who unfortunately is no longer with us. Tears came to my eyes as I remembered the many times I’d watched Richie Havens in concert and over so many decades. If you want to get in touch with bittersweet this is a way to do it. To round out our musical set listen to Pink Floyd and “Speak to Me/ Breathe.” Good advice for the “Free Form” segment of our blog.

***** Just a note on the format ***** A visiter to the blog informed me that he didn’t know that the songs listed in my reply could be played. Yes, it can be played. The name of the song is highlighted for the purpose of clicking and once you do, Voila!!  It will take you to Youtube and automatically play the song. Once it’s over click the back arrow or the red circle at the right hand top of Youtube and you will be back at PNRR. Thank you.

 “Free Fallin” — Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

“Freedom” — Richie Havens

“Speak to Me/ Breathe” –Pink Floyd

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