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As a marriage and family therapist I am quite familiar with marriage and family troubles. The range of difficulties is huge. From drug problems and alcoholism to difficult kids with ADD or ADHD or other behavioral and psycho-neurological issues. Because families are the bedrock of our culture these issues need attention in order to lessen stress, improve health, and in the end to help families create a nurturing environment for all members. To address this on our blog I invite you to ask questions pertinent to any family trouble you may have. Remember use an alias or anonymous when signing in. We will do our best to respond. We start off our first musical set with songs about families by James Taylor ( a moving tribute to his sister after her death), The Beatles, and Neil Young. The family life cycle is represented in these recordings.

 “Enough to Be On Your Way”-James Taylor

“She’s Leaving Home” — The Beatles

“Families” — Neil Young

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