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My wife and I were on vacation in Cosumel, Mexico last week. I was listening to my mix of songs while working out in the resort’s gym when Billy Joel’s “All About Soul” found its way into the iphone shuffle. I’ve listened to this song scores of times since its release in August of 1993 but for some reason during this particular play I paid closer attention. While it’s a pop sound, it has among its repetitive refrains some deeper thoughts about relationships that go beyond notions associated with romantic love. Take this short one for example:

It’s all about soul

It’s all about joy that comes out of sorrow

It’s all about soul

Who’s standing now and who’s standing tomorrow

Billy is singing about the deeper, enduring love in a committed relationship that develops from struggle, conflict, differences, (what Dr. Harville Hendrix and other marital therapists call “The Power Struggle”), developmental changes, life events both joyful and tragic. The journey only intimate travelers embark upon. And the healing of sorrow by hanging in there with each other, as Billy sings, “standing now and standing tomorrow,” to create a more enduring and deeper love based on mutual respect, deep attachment, friendship, acceptance, and the courage to let go of ego and reveal one’s basic essence, one’s soul.

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In addition to It’s “All About Soul,” the musical set includes Tracy Chapman’s “All that you Have is Your Soul,” and “Where’ve You Been” by Kathy Mattea.

 “All About Soul” — Billy Joel

“All That You Have Is Your Soul”-T. Chapman

“Where’ve You Been” — Kathy Mattea

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