Psych ‘n’ Roll Radio is a blog and radio show that combines two of the most popular radio genres: talk and music. Dr. Ike, a New York State licensed psychologist, moderates this unique service. Dr. Ike is also an author (see his novel under books), psychotherapist, marriage therapist, trainer and supervisor of therapists, and workshop leader. He also was on the faculty of the Hofstra University graduate marriage and family therapy program.

You can benefit from Dr. Ike’s forty years of experience in the mental health field by visiting Psych ‘n’ Roll radio on-line. In addition to Dr. Ike’s advice and coaching at you can also find him at and at You can also follow Dr. Ike and the Psych ‘n’ Roll blog and show on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Music: As Billy Joel sings, “It’s still rock ‘n’ roll to me.” It’s that spirit, the love of the melodies and lyrics that move us and that guides our musical choices. Rock, Jazz, Hip-hop, Rap, New Age, Soul, Funk, Classical, Big Band, Show tunes, etc. – all are part of the mix. Don’t be surprised to hear Springsteen followed by Jay-Z followed by an aria from a famous opera. It’s free form that supports our spirit and that we are after.

Guidelines for Participation

(Please take a moment to go over the blog’s participation guidelines)

  • Anyone can participate in Psych ‘n’ Roll Radio
  • Just sign in on the home page and leave a question or response in the designated box. Please use “anonymous” or an alias for your identity.
  • Be courteous and thoughtful to previous posters. Negative contributions, attacks, or comments by “trolls” will be deleted. Our goal is to develop an entertaining website and a supportive community interested in learning.
  • Advice or coaching is not therapy, treatment, or psychoanalysis. If your question or comments indicate troubles beyond the scope of this platform there are links to groups and associations that can help. If you know from the outset that you want a referral we can help you with that. Dr. Ike also provides individual and couples counseling. If you live in the New York area you can arrange for an appointment locally, or if your local is too far away you may arrange for a Skype session. Click here for Coaching and Consultation or on the bar at the top of the Home page to receive more information.